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ALLIANCE CONCEPTS is a solutions provider riding on complexity:
the first step is always to understand,
next to sort the important from the clutter,
then to simplify, demystify,
finally to model.

As such we create solutions, tools, models
targeted to the deep core of the issues at stake,
simple to understand
and easy to use
above all,
contributing to results.

ALLIANCE CONCEPTS builds knowledge-based, event-driven models that are tailored to each specific situation, each particular product, using the intelligence that matters, thus delivering the outputs that matter: the impact of strategic moves, the metrics to guide to success.

The proprietary ready-to-use models allow scenario analysis, providing an answer for every WHAT-IF situation, including a 'black swan', so that risk can be quantified and the most optimal strategy can be determined.

The models are extremely versatile and allow overriding most variables with free inputs, making scenario-building virtually limitless.

All models comprise an INPUT part, a SIMULATOR part and an OUTPUT or REPORTING part.
Most users make the INPUTS and run the SIMULATIONS themselves; however ALLIANCE CONCEPTS can offer this as a service, as well as any data gathering or analysis needed in preparing the INPUTS.

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