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UNIQUE in the industry Pharmawiser™
is fully compatible with Germany's January 2011 revolutionary reimbursement law

Patient-based and Indication-based Price Design and Access Forecasting

Pharmawiser™, the unparalleled pricing and forecasting simulator uses the same modular approach and basic parameters as those required for AMNOG* reimbursement filing, guaranteeing aligned and transparent strategy design.
ALLIANCE Concepts is committed to enhance your brand's revenue and earnings based on each country's truths and this worldwide.

*AMNOG = ArzneimittelMarktNeuOrdnungsGesetz

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also for info and expert opinion on AMNOG impact and consequences for the industry.


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July 2009 London SMi Pricing Masterclass

'The Winds of Change in Pharma and Biotech Pricing.
Zooming in on Pricing Strategies for Biosimilars.'

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July 2008 London SMi Pricing Masterclass

At the SMi-organized masterclass on Developing and Implementing Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies, Chris Van Mol was invited as a workshop leader. She focused on case studies demonstrating the importance of well-planned launch sequencing.


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July 2007 Copenhagen iHEA 6th World Congress ~Explorations in Health

Chris Van Mol presented a paper on Realizing global pharma price optimization in a cost-contained environment.


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January 2007 Rome Jacob Fleming Conference on Pharma Pricing Strategies

Chris Van Mol participated as an expert speaker and co-sponsor of this event.
The presentation topic was “Protect and sustain profits by using an inter-country pricing simulator.”

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