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In this section, ALLIANCE CONCEPTS presents a number of industry white papers, publications and presentations shedding a light on some hot marketing and pricing issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

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List of free information for immediate access

  1. Germany's revolutionary pharmaceutical market reform act AMNOG bodes big changes for the pharma industry.

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  2. Realizing global pharma price optimization in the current value-based, comparative effectiveness, patient-benefit environment.
    ref.# 9845
  3. Get a competitive edge: Protect and sustain profitability by smart integrated inter-country price design.
    ref. # 9846
  4. PHARMAWISER Simulator, a revolutionay dynamic Simulator for strategic pricing and marketing.
    Smart price optimization functionality and elegant design.
    one pager
    ref. # 9848
  5. Pharma pricing and market access intelligence must be imbedded in all strategic thinking and not hidden in P&R or HEOR department silo's.

List of free materials to request

  1. Price optimization tool PHARMAWISER™ proves to set new standards for business intelligence software. Demonstrated with high value case findings.
  2. Optimizing launch sequencing using PHARMAWISER™, an evidence-based pricing simulator.
  3. Use of international price optimization as a strategy for lifecycle management.
    Make sure to capture all the lifecycle profit.
  4. Pharma Pricing: In pursuit of sustainable profitability across borders.
  5. Business Intelligence the next step: finally put your data to work & drastically improve both team productivity and strategic efficacy.

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