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outstanding strategic decision analysis, competitor benchmarking, market dynamics and financial assessment


Cutting-edge, no-frills custom consulting services with an eye on new trends and emerging industry challenges.

A sample of past projects include:

  • Effects of international price referencing in a 27-country universe.
  • Assessment of net effect of Parallel Import from a global perspective.
  • Bio-generics post-expiry strategies: steering the Profit Life Cycle
  • A value proposition for combination products.
  • The future of generics: changing face and pace.
  • Market potential and viability of biosimilars: US vs Europe.
  • How to price an oncology product right.

Targeted marketing intelligence and deep analysis leading to sharply defined, profit-producing strategies.

Some examples:

  • Assessment of off-label usage.
  • Strategy behind a product’s indication cascade?
  • Defining meaningful benchmarking criteria.
  • Analyzing market structure of a specific therapeutic class for optimal segmentation.
  • Measuring promotional ROI.
  • Design of Business Performance Index ~ Competition Index ~ Innovation Index.

the PHARMAWISER™ Simulator, a powerful analytic engine to support decisions on Pricing and Volume.

A true revelation in Scenario Forecasting, this Simulator empowers Strategic Marketing, Pricing, Brand Planning as well as Operational executives to steer to sustained maximized performance whether at launch or throughout lifecycle management. This patient-based tool also accommodates any innovative local pricing negotiation.

Definitely ‘Big Pharma’s’ hottest know-how on national and cross border impact of Marketing & Pricing Events or Strategic moves, now accessible to  any size company at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

Delivery of international Price and Volume optimization with guaranteed profit improvement over any other method. Quantified results measure the impact of any decision.

Dynamic, interactive and fully tailored to each product.

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Custom business model development

Providing custom models for any business issue and process.


Pharma Model
Modeling of Market Structure, according to patient-based market definitions.

Forecast Model
Including Long Range Planning, Brand and Portfolio Forecasting, Operational Business Plan Forecasts.


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