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delivers expert advice
to leading pharmaceutical companies
on innovative pricing strategies
offering novel business insights,
creative  solutions
and unique easy-to-use models
to out-smart competitors
and achieve optimal performance
year after year.

ALLIANCE CONCEPTS was founded in 1995 by Chris Van Mol, currently managing director. Chris, a European who prefers to be considered a ‘citizen of the world’, holds a Masters degree from the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Prior to ALLIANCE, she worked already 20 years in the pharmaceutical sector, being employed with 4 'big' pharma & diagnostics companies. These years of industry hands-on in executive staff as well as line commercial positions and in therapeutic areas encompassing such diverse fields as CNS and Oncology, result in a deep pharmaceutical market understanding and broad pricing expertise.

In her 30 years of international pharma experience, during which she spent 10 years as expat in U.S. and in Scandinavia, Chris also got real-life exposure to different country and corporate cultures, regulations and processes, an ideal preparation to deal with today’s globalization issues.

ALLIANCE CONCEPTS boasts a winning track record in the sector, contributing to superior clients’ results, time after time.
Success ingredients are rigorous analysis talent backed with international expertise, matched with a pragmatic spirit and a passion for excellence.


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